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Microsoft Azure- Regions and Datacenters

Microsoft Azure has data-centers all over the world from where azure services are managed. Data-center is the hub of computing and network from where Microsoft Azure provides its services.

When I started to study the cloud, one question always hits in my mind how to Microsoft is managed the services or how to provides cloud services, a pic of large data-center come in my mind, a large building, large machines, etc. But I was wrong Microsoft has more data-centers in the global region that offering the scale needed to bring applications closer to users around the world.

A region is a set of data centers deployed within a latency-defined perimeter and connected through a dedicated regional low-latency network.  More than one datacenter equipped with independent power, cooling, and networking, which is called Availability Zones.

Microsoft has 54 azure regions, available in 140 countries and up to 1.6 Pbps of the bandwidth of in a region.

Following are some regions are given
·        Central US
·        East US
·        East US 2
·        US Gov Iowa
·        US Gov Virginia
·        North Central US
·        South Central US
·        West US
·        North Europe
·        West Europe
·        East Asia
·        Southeast Asia
·        Japan East
·        Japan West
·        Brazil South
·        Australia East
·        Australia Southeast
·        Central India
·        South India

To run an application efficiently, we need to choose the right data-center. When we developing an application or set up the environment/ infrastructure for an application, then Azure asks for a specific region. You can choose the data-center/ region on the basis of performance or cost.

For the performance, we always choose the nearest data-center to the user means if I want to run an application over the network through Azure Cloud and this application has been used by Indians then we have to choose availability Zone available in India region.

The cost of cloud services also may vary due to region, suppose your application runs using database and media services and both services exist in the different region then it may be possible you have to pay as per transaction for media service or database service.

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