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How to create Storage Account in Azure portal

In this article, we will learn how to create a storage account on the Azure portal.

There are some requirements before you start. You have to take a subscription to Azure. You can create your free account on Microsoft Azure using the link.

After your subscription please log in to the Azure portal, and now you are ready to create your Storage account. Please follow the below steps.

1-  Create a resource group if you did not create, or you can use an existing group.

2-   In the Azure portal, select the all services and type Storage Account in the list resources, as you typing, the list filters based on your input.

4- On the Storage Accounts window that appears, choose Add+

5- A new window will open as below where you will found four tabs like Basic, Advanced, Tags, and Review + Create

6-  Select the subscription in which create to Storage Account, there are two types of subscription Free and Pay As You Go, Though you have taken free subscription then choose the Free.

7-  Select the resource group if already exists in your account, or you can create a new Resource Group on clicking Create New link, a popup will open just enter the Resource Group Name.

8-  Next, enter a name for your storage account. The name you choose must be unique across Azure. The name also must be between 3 and 24 characters in length and can include numbers and lowercase letters only.

9-  Select a location for your storage account, or use the default location.

10-  Leave these fields set to their default values:

Deployment model
Resource Manager
Account kind
StorageV2 (general-purpose v2)
Locally redundant storage (LRS)
Access tier

11- Select Review + Create to review your storage account settings and create the account.

12- Select Create.

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